Friday, 1 July 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Processes

1) SEO process depends on three things such as website, keywords, and search engines.

2) Directory is a registry/book in which many categories are present.

3) Link building  or off page optimization.

4) Article is nothing but a short essay. its length must be 400-500 words. Keyword density must be 2 to 3 words per article. An article can be submitted to more than one website.

5) Keyword research by Google keyword tool defines two characteristics such as popularity (high) (choose by global search in keyword tool results) and competition (low) (find out by Google search results).

6) Computer network is classified into four types such as Internet (Interconnected networks), Web (Source of information or resource that we access through internet), URL (uniform resource locator/ access the server/web), Domain (Primary name of a website).

7) Browser is a software through which we access the website.

8) Search engine is a software through which we search related webpages for a particular keywords as per the popularity.

Search engine follows the following steps 

Crawling : Crawler / spider jump from one page to another page through hyper links. 
Indexing : In this step, crawler stores the keyword and address of the website.
Processing : After indexing, the search engine arrange the urls according to their popularity.
Calculating relevancy : Whenever a user search for a keyword the search engine tries to find the closely related results.
Retrieving the result : Retrieving the results from the data base.